NSSA - National Scholastic Surfing Association

The National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage and assist its members in their interest to learn and develop the fundamentals and skills of surfing competition while competing in structured and quality events. The NSSA promotes the qualities of discipline and competitive excellence while supporting the merits of academic achievement to young surfers. The NSSA strives to provide a fun surfing experience for all of its members.

The NSSA is one of the few national youth sports organizations that require its participants to maintain academic standards in order to compete. Since 1978, the NSSA program philosophy has been that athletics and scholastics go hand in hand. More than 80 NSSA events are run nationwide that culminate with the annual National Championships which is regarded as the highest profile youth surfing event in America.

Surfer the Week - Archives (2013)

Surfer of the Week - 12/29/2013


Age: 17
Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: Saddleback Valley Christian School; 12th grade
Sponsors: Nation, Cobian
Claim to Fame: Jordan has shown us hints of his impressive aerial skills in prior contests but Seaside Reef would be his breakout performance where he claimed his first NSSA victory in the premier Open Mens division. In a stacked final with Kevin Schulz, Colt Ward and Kei Kobayashi, Jordan boosted a huge air to seal the win. Fave thing about Seaside: Winning this contest! Fave surfer: Taj Burrow. Local spot: Trestles & Cottons. Shred crew: Conner Dand. Goals: Doing my best in contests and getting into college.

Surfer of the Week - 12/16/2013


Age: 11
Hometown: Ventura, California
School: Pierpont Elementary-5th grade
Sponsors: PROLITE
Claim to Fame: The NSSA Gold Coast has a rich heritage of churning out amazing surfers such as Bobby Martinez, Dane Reynolds, Nat Young & Conner Coffin and it continues to groom a hotbed of talent. Its newest hot grom is Dimitri Poulos. At C Street, Dimitri blew doors in the Menehuene final ripping a perfect 10 along with another 8.5 ride! Fave thing about C Street: You get really long rides. Fave surfers: Tom Curren, Mick Fanning. Shred crew: Trevor Berry, Aidan Russo, Marley Sapp. Goal: Make it to Nationals!

Surfer of the Week - 12/11/2013


Age: 16
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
School: Soquel High School
Sponsors: Rip Curl, Sol life Surfboards, Arcade Mfg., Futures, Fit Aid
Claim to Fame: A talented female shredder is emerging out of Norcal! Ashley has taken her surfing up a big notch and is having an amazing season so far. In the past 3 Northwest events in a variety of conditions at Morro Bay, Pleasure Point and Steamer Lane, she has surfed rock solid winning every final in the Open Womens. Fave thing about Steamer Lane: The long rights and the good walls on them. Fave surfer: Nat Young. Shred crew: Ally Menna and Selah Bartlett. Goal: To make the Regionals and Nationals finals!

Surfer of the Week - 12/1/2013


Age: 10
Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: Concordia Elementary School; 4th grade
Sponsors: Rip Curl, Electric, Cole Surfboards, Sick Trix Skate
Claim to Fame: Clearly another talented kid is emerging out of San Clemente’s hotbed of surfing. The surfing nation is buzzing about NSSA’s newest, young shredder Jett Schilling. Through 5 events in the Southwest Conference, the 10-year-old has been on a undefeated tear winning every contest in the Mini Groms. Fave thing about Church: The rights are super good and fun! Fave surfer: Mick Fanning. Shred crew: Taj Lindblad, Kai McPhillips & Hagan Johnson. Goal: To try and win every NSSA contest in the Mini Groms.

Surfer of the Week - 11/21/2013


Age: 16
Hometown: Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
School: Coastal Christian High School-11th grade
Sponsors: Sweetwater Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: Madison has found plenty of success in the Mid Atlantic this season. At the Nags Head event 3 in chest high surf, she cashed in on the fun waves posting the top wave score and won both the Open & Explorer Womens! Fave thing about Nags Head: It’s a fun wave because it breaks further out and you can connect maneuvers all the way in. Fave surfer: Carissa Moore. Local spot: Masonboro Island & Wrightsville Beach. Goal: I am hoping to do well in the East Coast Regionals and maybe even go to Nationals!

Surfer of the Week - 11/12/2013


Age: 9
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
School: Roosevelt School-4th grade
Sponsors: J7 Surfboards, Surf Happens, FNA, Mom and Dad
Claim to Fame: Hamilton is one of our hot groms on the rise in the Gold Coast this year. After a tough loss at the C Street season opener, he made it a goal to make every final and finish in the top 3. And since then the kid better known as “Hammy” has been on a tear! He broke through taking his first Mini Grom win at the NW Morro Bay Open & followed it up with his first Gold Coast Super Grom win at Ventura Harbor. Fave surfers: Dane, Nat & Parker. Shred crew: brother Curtis, Gavin, Matty, Jace, Jake & Bennett

Surfer of the Week - 11/4/2013


Age: 12
Hometown: Malibu, California; Lahaina, Hawaii
School: Halstrom Academy-6th grade
Sponsors: O'Neill, FCS, Guy Okazaki Surfboards, Gorilla Grip
Claim to Fame: Noah was pushing the performance envelope at the Newport Open surfing well beyond his years. The kid was on fire unleashing man hacks, airs, big carves and even pulled into a few clean barrels winning all of his heats and taking his second straight Open Boys victory! Fave thing about Newport: It’s peaky, hollow and there are lots of waves. Fave surfer: Kelly Slater. Local spot: Zuma & Venice. Shred crew: Declan, Will & Dad. Goal: To be very consistent because it’s something I've struggled with!

Surfer of the Week - 10/28/2013


Age: Shaw: 21; Keenan: 21
Hometown: Shaw: San Clemente, Ca; Keenan: Myrtle Beach, SC
School: Shaw: Saddleback College, Sophomore; Keenan: USD, Junior
Sponsors: Shaw: Neck Tans, O"Neill, Etnies, Oakley, Luv Surf, FCS, Gorilla Grip; Keenan: Perfection Surfboards
Claim to Fame: Shaw & Keenan ruled the 2013-14 SW College Season opener at Blacks Beach. Shaw successfully defended his Blacks victory from 2012 and Keenan crushed the Womens final with a 17-point total. Shaw’s fave thing about Blacks: The secluded atmosphere. Keenan’s fave thing about Blacks: The waves are the best. Shaw’s fave surfer: AI. Keenan’s fave surfer: Julian Wilson. Shaw’s shred crew: Kei. Keenan’s shred crew: Eli, Sara, Erica. Shaw’s goal: Stay happy. Keenan’s goal: Win conference title in swimming

Surfer of the Week - 10/22/2013


Age: 16
Hometown: Pacifica, California
School: CAVA-11th grade
Sponsors: Volcom, Vans, Neff, Sex Wax
Claim to Fame: Brogie is clearly one of the nation’s top, young progressive surfers. In challenging surf for the NW opener at Morro Rock, he found a few ramps and nailed a couple of sick airs including an inverted tail high reverse that scored a near perfect 9.5! He took the Open Mens win while proving he will be one of the strongest and most exciting surfers to watch this year. Fave thing about Morro Bay:“The scenery.” Fave surfer: Dane Reynolds. Shred crew: Kadin. Goal: Surf good waves & do well in the NSSA!

Surfer of the Week - 10/14/2013


Age: 13
Hometown: Pawleys Island, South Carolina
School: Low Country Prep; 8th Grade Honors
Sponsors: Rip Curl, Arnette, Reef, Sharp Eye, Freak, Futures, Sexwax, Waterman's, Village Surf Shop, Julie Designs
Claim to Fame: Contest results don’t get more perfect than this! In small, challenging conditions at the Mid Atlantic Outer Banks event in Nags Head, East Coast Champion Luke Gordon put forth one heck of a stellar performance winning Open Mens, Open Juniors, Explorer Juniors & Explorer Boys! Fave thing about Nags Head: “It always picks up swell.” Fave surfer: John John. Shred crew: Dougie, Seth, Zak, JT, Weavers, Finleys, Carter, Trey, Boyd, Elijah, Emery, Olivia, Banta girls & Ben. Goal: Win a National title!

Surfer of the Week - 10/7/2013


Age: 16
Hometown: Dana Point, California
School: Dana Hills High School-10th grade
Sponsors: Body Glove, Arnette, Stance, HDX mix, Ocean Minded, Move or Die Surfboards.
Claim to Fame: In epic Salt Creek conditions, local boy Lucas delivered a top notch performance in the Explorer Mens final sealing his first ever NSSA victory. After pulling off his memorable win which included a great 8-point ride, a smiling Lucas said, “I would like to dedicate this win to my Godbrother Bruno.” Fave thing about Creek: “The variety of waves-Point, Middles, Gravels.” Fave surfer: Mick Fanning. Shred crew: Josh Benjoya, Eric Weinhardt, Nick Monteiro, Kevin Schulz. Goal: Make an Open Mens final!

Surfer of the Week - 10/1/2013


Age: 13
Hometown: Newport Beach, California
School: CHEP-8th grade
Sponsors: RVCA, Arnette, Etnies, Jacks, Buell Wetsuits, Banzai Bowls, Futures Fins, Surf Prescriptions.
Claim to Fame: Without a doubt, Tyler has HB’s infamous southside wired. Not only did the Newport standout win his first Nationals here in 2011 triumphing in the Open Mini Groms, but he stamped his authority at this weekend’s SW Open event 2 taking an impressive win in the hotly contested Juniors division. Fave thing about HB Pier: “It’s one of my favorite waves because I won my first Nationals here!” Fave surfer: Kelly Slater. Shred crew: John Mel, Nolan Rapoza, Ben Seaberry. Goal: Win another National title!

Surfer of the Week - 9/23/2013


Age: Jake: 14; Tia: 16
Hometown: Jake: Encinitas, Ca; Tia: San Clemente, Ca
School: Jake: Halstrom Academy-9th grade; Tia: Connections Academy-11th grade
Sponsors: Jake: Hurley, Nike, Dragon, FCS, Gorilla. Tia: Volcom, Reef, Daphnes, J7 Surboards, Ransom, Tonic
Claim to Fame: Jake & Tia went into Mach 5 mode soaring to enormous victories on opening weekend of the 13-14 SW Open Season. Jake raised the bar winning Mens & Juniors while Tia pushed the level in the Womens. Both surfers posted huge scores including perfect 10-point rides. Jake’s O’Side fave thing: Lots of running lefts. Tia’s O’Side fave thing: The lefts reel. Jake’s shred crew: TC, Nick & Connor. Tia’s shred crew: Colt Ward. Jake’s goal: Win Nationals in Open Mens & Juniors. Tia’s goal: Win the Nationals!

Surfer of the Week - 9/16/2013


Age: 17
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
School: Eureka School-12th grade; 4.83 GPA
Sponsors: Channel Island Surf Shop, Arbor Skateboards, Smith Optics, West Wetsuits, DFS
Claim to Fame: Dryden stepped it up at the Gold Coast doubleheader events 3 & 4 at Ventura Harbor delivering a career best performance in solid 3-4 foot surf. He made a total of 5 finals which included an impressive first-time win in the highly competitive Explorer Juniors division in event 3 and a third place in the Airshow. Fave thing about Ventura Harbor:“The left walls.” Fave surfer: Dane Reynolds. Local spot: Coral Casino. Shred crew: Thelen, Micky, Paul, Henry, Brew. Goal: Drastically improve my surfing.

Surfer of the Week - 9/10/2013

Mahina Maeda

Age: 15
Hometown: Sunset Beach, Hawaii
School: Hawaii Tech Academy; 10th grade
Sponsors: Dove wetsuits, Yumeya, Skullcandy, Sex Wax, Futures, Creatures
Claim to Fame: Mahina came out firing on all cylinders in her debut contest of the 2013-14 NSSA Hawaii season with a double win in the Open & Explorer Womens divisions at the Lahaina Harbor contest. She was pushing the level with her powerful turns in each heat. Mahina continues to show that she is one of the most talented and dynamic young female surfers in the nation. Fave thing about Lahaina:“Good waves, good vibes & friends.” Fave surfer: Carissa Moore, Andy Irons. Shred crew: Everyone that lives in Hawaii

Surfer of the Week - 9/3/2013

Tommy McKeown

Age: 12
Hometown: Oxnard, California
School: Blanche Reynolds School-6th grade
Sponsors: Hurley, Scosche, Momentum, Roberts Surfboards, Prolite, Neff
Claim to Fame: Tommy put on a monster of a performance to kick off the 13/14 Gold Coast Season taking double wins in event 1 in the Menehuene & Boys divisions. He returned the next day for event 2 and backed it up with another Menehuene win earning a huge 18.8 total score in the final-the highest of the weekend! Fave thing about C St:"It's a point break." Local spot: Silver Strand. Fave surfer: Dane Reynolds. Shred crew: Eithan, Dane & Cade. Goal: To go undefeated in the Menehuenes like Eithan did last season.

Surfer of the Week - 8/26/2013

Jay Christenson

Age: 17
Hometown: Pacific Beach, California
School: Audeo Charter School-12th grade
Sponsors: Hemp Hoodlamb, FCS, Gorilla Grip, Nixon, Epic cameras, Total Gym
Claim to Fame: Jay returned to NSSA comp for the Southwest Conference Explorer opening doubleheader weekend and shined in his local break at Crystal Pier. He made both Juniors finals dismantling the waist high peaks but was especially on top of his game in event #2 winning the final with near perfect 9.6 score. Fave thing about Crystal Pier: "I've grown up here and surfed it my whole life." Local spot: Pacific Beach, Mission Beach. Fave surfer: Jordy Smith. Shred crew: Grady & Jake Loosen, Sterling Weatherly.

Surfer of the Week - 7/18/2013

Taylor Clark

Age: 17
Hometown: Encinitas, Califorina
School: North Coast High School
Sponsors: Rip Curl, Dragon, Creatures, Lost Surfboards, Sun Diego, Sex Wax, DSC
Claim to Fame: A huge congratulations to Taylor for winning the prestigious Open Men's title at the 2013 National Championships and taking home the City of Huntington Beach Mayor's Cup!

Surfer of the Week - 5/10/2013


Age: 15
Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: San Clemente High School-9th grade; Favorite subject: English
Sponsors: Surf Ride Surf Shop, Bubble Gum, Ding Dr., Eilo gum, BeachFire restaurant, Cordell Surfboards.
Claim to Fame: Malia put together a huge year taking 3 conference titles in Open Girls, Explorer Girls & Womens. She sealed the Open Girls in perfect surf at Lowers and the Explorer titles in small peaks at Crystal Pier. Her surfing has shown big improvement and versatility as proven by her victories in diverse conditions. About winning: “It’s a dream come true. I’ve always looked up to the girls that have won season titles and now I’ve got 3” Fave surfer: Lakey Peterson. Goal:To win a National title for sure!

Surfer of the Week - 4/22/2013


Age: 16
Hometown: Malibu, California
School: CAVA-10th grade; Favorite Subject: English, writing in particular
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Channel Islands Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: Thelen capped off the SW Open Season at the peak of perfection. In pumping Uppers surf, he was on fire taking double wins in Mens & Juniors and made a huge statement sealing the prestigious Open Mens Conference title. He joins an elite club of SW Open Mens Champs such as successful ASP surfers Pat O’Connell, Rob Machado & Pat Gudauskas. Fave thing about Uppers: I win there. Fave surfer: Bobby Martinez. Shred crew: Toma's crew-Henry, Dryden, Takumi and all the Japan boys. Goal: Win the Nationals!

Surfer of the Week - 4/1/2013


Age: 15
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
School: CEI-10th grade; Favorite subject: math
Sponsors: Billabong, Dragon, Dakine, Vertra, Tokoro Surfboards
Claim to Fame: Seth capitalized on the fun 2-4 foot surf at Kewalos during the Hawaii Regional Championships. He claimed 3 titles in Open Juniors, Explorer Juniors & the premier Open Mens. Look out for Seth at the Nationals after this dominating performance! Fave thing about Kewalos: I surf it every day. The right has a playful air section & the left is perfect for turns. Fave surfer: Brodie Sale. Shred crew: Brother Josh, Gen Asano, Cole & Kylen Yamakawa, Kaito Kino & Noa Mizuno. Goal: Be a successful surfer.

Surfer of the Week - 3/25/2013


Age: 13
Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina
School: Carolina Day School-7th grade
Sponsors: Volcom, Electric, Globe, Janga Wetsuits, FCS/Gorilla, Vestal, Sweetwater Surfshop, Orion Surfboards, Sol-Life Surfboards
Claim to Fame: With the East Coast Champs around the corner, it’s the perfect time to prop one of our hot groms from the Mid Atlantic. Bo went on a tear this season winning 7 events and earning conference titles in the Open Boys & Explorer Menehuenes. Fave thing about competing in MA events: We have a lot of top groms and the water temps and challenging conditions make you tough. Fave surfer: CJ Hobgood. Goals: Finish strong in school. Win a title at the East Coast Champs & the Nationals and have fun doing it!

Surfer of the Week - 3/19/2013


Age: 12
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
School: Mission Hills Middle School-7th grade; Favorite subject: Woodshop
Sponsors: O'Neill Surf Shop, Ward Coffey Shapes
Claim to Fame: Sam is the newest hot grom on the rise in the Norcal territory. At the Northwest doubleheader at Santa Cruz’s Pleasure Point & the Hook, he took command of the Boy’s division winning both finals. His surfing has greatly progressed this year as noted by his 4 straight win. He's got an impressive air game too! Fave thing about Pleasure Point: “It has fun sections to do good turns and reverses.” Fave surfer: Dane Reynolds. Shred crew: My brother Ben & Richie Schmidt. Goal: Win the Northwest Boys.

Surfer of the Week - 3/12/2013


Age: 14
Hometown: Carlsbad, California
School: Aviara Oaks Middle School-8th Grade Favorite subject: English
Sponsors: Hurley, Bill Johnson Surfboards, Futures Fins, DSurf, Hoven, Surfride, and Bony Acai
Claim to Fame: Jordan put on a southside clinic in his Middle School Boys quarterfinal at the State Champs at HB Pier. He blew up on two waves scoring a 9.57 and 9.43 posting a combined total of 19.0-the highest of the contest. He went on to win the final taking his first NSSA Championship title and was named Performer of the Event! Favorite thing about HB Pier: “That wave has such great lips for smashing or punting.” Favorite surfer: Josh Kerr. Shred crew: Gavin, Dagan, my brother Josh. Goal: Win Nationals!

Surfer of the Week - 3/5/2013


Age: 14
Hometown: Encinitas, California
School: Halstrom Academy-8th grade. Favorite subject: English
Sponsors: Hurley, Nike, Dragon, FCS, Gorilla
Claim to Fame: In epic, firing surf at Ventura’s high performance C Street, Jake asserted his dominance as one of the nation’s top surfers. The 2-time National Champ not only took his 5th win in the Open Juniors, he nailed a buzzer-beating 8.7 scoring his first Men’s victory. He’s got the Juniors conference title locked up and is now ranked #2 in the Mens with 1 event to go! Fave thing about C St: “It’s a long, right point break with bowly sections.” Fave surfer: John John. Goal: Win Nationals in Open Juniors.

Surfer of the Week - 2/26/2013


Age: 12
Hometown: Encinitas, California
School: Halstrom; 6th Grade. Favorite subject: Science
Sponsors: Hurley, Nike, Sex Wax, Dragon, Ezia Human Performance
Claim to Fame: Nick made a giant statement with his exceptional triumphant performance in classic, steep & draining Salt Creek surf. The reigning National Mini Grom Champ had the entire beach in awe during the Boys final ripping back-to-back scores of 9.5 & 8.67. He claimed his first ever Boys win and served notice that he will be a top National title contender this summer. Fave thing about Creek: "The Lefts are Sick." Fave surfer: Connor Marshall. Shred crew: Jake, Connor, Victor Bernardo. Goal: Win Open Boys

Surfer of the Week - 2/18/2013


Age: 13
Hometown: Carolina Beach, North Carolina
School: Murray Middle School, Wilmington, NC; 7th grade
Sponsors: SOD Surfboards, Wrightsville Glassing, Sandstone Surf and Skate Shop. Brand rep for L Space and Sea Folly Bathing Suit Lines
Claim to Fame: Kat is our newest female shredder in the Mid Atlantic. She has ruled the last 2 events with wins in the Open & Explorer Girls. Fave thing about Wrightsville Bch: "The break is good, it's got a long surfing history and my friends live and surf there." Fave surfer: Carissa Moore. Local spot: Sunskipper, Carolina Bch. Goals: Surf contests, compete in the NSSA Regionals, surf in NSSA Florida events and travel to California, Hawaii & PR. Get good grades and compete in basketball, soccer & volleyball!

Surfer of the Week - 2/11/2013


Age: 10
Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: Home School 5th grade; Favorite subject: Science
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Cobian, Hoven, Waxy Wax, Grom Bomb, Tuttle Surfboards
Claim to Fame: Kade is having a huge 2012-13 season! The NSSA's newest young star sealed his 8th straight win in the Super Groms at the Oceanside Explorer and is currently undefeated with two events remaining. He is also ruling it in the Open Mini Groms ranked #1 with 3 wins. Fave thing about Oceanside S. Jetty: "It's got a good wall to carve sharp turns and finish with a nice inside air section!" Shred crew: Noah, Crosby, Zach, Jack, Erik, Dagan, Dylan. Fave surfer: Dane Reynolds. Goals: Win a National Title!

Surfer of the Week - 1/5/2013


Age: 10
Hometown: Vero Beach, Florida
School: K12 Home School Program; 5th grade Favorite subject: Science
Sponsors: Billabong, FCS/Gorilla, Smith, Sanuk, Long Doggers and Grom Social
Claim to Fame: East Coast HOT grom Tommy Coleman is having a monster year! He put in another stellar performance at the SE Conference December 15-16 doubleheader at Ponce de Leon Landing sweeping 4 divisions in each event. He won Open Boys & Mini Groms, Explorer Menehuene & Super Groms for a total of 8 victories in one weekend! Tommy has posted 22 wins, the most of any competitor nationwide this season. Fave thing about Ponce Landing: Good shorebreak. Fave surfer: CJ Hobgood. Goals: "Do well at the Nationals!"