NSSA - National Scholastic Surfing Association

The National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage and assist its members in their interest to learn and develop the fundamentals and skills of surfing competition while competing in structured and quality events. The NSSA promotes the qualities of discipline and competitive excellence while supporting the merits of academic achievement to young surfers. The NSSA strives to provide a fun surfing experience for all of its members.

The NSSA is one of the few national youth sports organizations that require its participants to maintain academic standards in order to compete. Since 1978, the NSSA program philosophy has been that athletics and scholastics go hand in hand. More than 80 NSSA events are run nationwide that culminate with the annual National Championships which is regarded as the highest profile youth surfing event in America.

Surfer the Week - Archives (2012)

Surfer of the Week - 12/18/2012


Age: 14
Hometown: Virgina Beach, Virginia
School: American High School/Hollywood Florida; 9th grade
Sponsors: Hurley, 17th Street Surf Shop, Sanuk footwear, Oakley sunglasses, and Creatures of Leisure traction.
Claim to Fame: Jordan is becoming a new force to be reckoned with in the NSSA Mid Atlantic. At Jeannettes Pier event #3, he took command of the Explorer divisions winning the Boys & Juniors. Fave thing about Jeanettes: "I love Jeannettes. Itís a fun wave and great for all types of surfing including barrels, carves and air sections." Fave surfer: Evan Geiselman & Yadin Nicol. Goals: "Travel is a priority and get stronger and better on my maneuvers. I want to win or at least make top 3 at the East Coast Champs."

Surfer of the Week - 12/11/2012


Age: 17
Hometown: La Jolla, California
School: La Jolla High School: 11th grade; 3.8 GPA
Sponsors: Rusty Surfboards, Pro-Lite, Frends headphones, Isurus wetsuits
Claim to Fame: Jacob went to town with a lights out surfing performance in the Juniors final at the SW Explorer in Mission Beach. He crushed 2 waves earning a near perfect 9.7 and another excellent 9.2 sealing his first NSSA victory. "I'm baffled to put a heat like that together. Itís my highest heat total ever." Fave thing about Mission Beach: The consistent surf, good ramps and air sections. Fave surfer: Nic Von Rupp. Goals: "I got 2nd in Explorer Mens at the West Coast Champs so I want to win it this year."

Surfer of the Week - 12/3/2012


Age: 15
Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: Halstrom High School; 10th grade
Sponsors: O'Neill, Oakley, Creatures, Mayhem, Daphnes
Claim to Fame: Colt made major headlines at the HB Pier Open in one of the biggest competitive moments of 2012. In epic, barreling 4-8 foot surf, he posted 2 perfect 10's on two tremendous tube rides for a flawless 20-point heat total. "This is my first perfect 10 and to get 2 in the same heat is unbelievable.Ē Fave thing about HB Pier: The Pierbowl left on a NW swell. Fave surfer: John John. Goals:"Do well in the NSSA & WQS. And I can't even explain how bad I want to win the Nationals. That would be amazing!"

Surfer of the Week - 11/26/2012

Mike Ciaramella

Age: 19
Hometown: Stone Harbor, New Jersey and the UCSD campus
School: UCSD
Sponsors: Rusty, Reef, Electric, Freestyle, Dakine, Future Fins, Xcel, Heritage Surf and Sport
Claim to Fame: The first time competing as a college member proved to be a charm for Mike, a UCSD freshman. The former NE standout who has been nursing an ankle injury, had a perfect day at the Seaside Reef College event #2. He won every heat including the Menís final in a big 144-man field. He also led UCSD to its first win in 6 years! Fave thing about Seaside: It throws so many different sections at you. Fave surfer: Mason Ho. Goals: Get good grades, get a huge one at Backdoor & do well at State & Nationals.

Surfer of the Week - 11/19/2012

Brendan Donovan

Age: 16
Hometown: Solana Beach, Californa
School: Canyon Crest Academy, 11th grade. 3.5 GPA
Sponsors: Brixton, Surf Ride, Dakine, Chemistry, Surfboards, Grombomb
Claim to Fame: It's very rewarding to win your first NSSA contest and that's what Brendan did at the Seaside Reef Explorer. In good chest high waves, Brendan used his local knowledge pulling out all the stops in the Juniors final ripping two excellent rides of 9.0 and 8.0-the top wave score and heat total of the event! "I'm over the moon right now," he said when the results were announced! His fave thing about Seaside: The lowtide boil. Fave surfer: Julian Wilson. Goal: To be ranked top 10 in the SW Open Mens!

Surfer of the Week - 11/13/2012

Jordan Collins

Age: 13
Hometown: Carlsbad, California
School: Aviara Oaks Middle School; 8th grade
Sponsors: Hurley, Bill Johnson Surfboards, Hoven Sunglasses, Stay Covered and Bony Acai
Claim to Fame: Jordan has been relentless in improving skills and his hard work is producing results. At the Ventura Gold Coast doubleheader, the goofyfooter went with his strengths, maximizing the fast left ramps and his progressive approach paid off. He punted two clean airs winning both the Juniors & Airshow in event #7. He also placed in both Boys finals and is ranked #1 in the division. Jordan's fave thing about Ventura Jetty: The nice sections for airs. Fave surfer: Josh Kerr. Goal: Win a National title!

Surfer of the Week - 11/5/2012

Knox Harris

Age: 17
Hometown: Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina
School: The Powers Academy; 11th grade
Sponsors: Spy Optics, Sweetwater Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: Knox has been nothing short of brilliant in the early goings of the 2012-13 Mid Atlantic season. He dominated event 1 at Wrightsville taking the Open Mens, Explorer Mens & Juniors and then backed it up with another triple win at the Jennettes Pier event 2. He has made 2 straight Nationals finals cementing his status as a top contender for a 2013 title! His fave thing about Jennettes:"It's a fun rippable left. I'm happy NSSA has events there." Fave surfer: Julian Wilson. Goals: Win the Nationals!

Surfer of the Week - 10/29/2012

Kahanu Delovio

Age: 14
Hometown: Kona, Hawaii
School: CEI
Sponsors: Roxy, Hawaiian Pro Designs, Sticky Bumps, Crush sunglasses.
Claim to Fame: In the mega-talented Hawaii female divisions, Kahanu has been giving all the girls a run for the money this season and her hard work has paid off! At the Banyans event on Oct. 27-28, she claimed 3 wins in the Open Womens, Open Girls & Explorer Womens! Kahanu's fave thing about Banyans:"The uncles look out for us kids & it's like a family." Fave surfer: Carissa Moore & Bethany Hamilton. Goal for the year: Put God first in my surfing, push my surfing harder & to beat my biggest competitor, myself.

Surfer of the Week - 10/22/2012

Ben Seaberry

Age: 11
Hometown: Huntington Beach, Ca
School: Sowers Middle School-6th grade
Sponsors: Body Glove, Jacks, Cobian, Kid Creature, Hamboards
Claim to Fame: Ben owned it at the Salt Creek Explorer taking his first win in two years with a victory in the Menehuenes. He also posted the top wave score of the event crushing a left in his quarterfinal heat earning an excellent 9.0 from the judges. He's been on a tear lately making the Seaside Open Boys final a couple weeks ago! Ben's fave thing about Salt Creek:"It's a really fun long left and I like going backside here." Fave surfer: Julian Wilson. Goal for the year: To make a Westerns & Nationals final.

Surfer of the Week - 10/15/2012

Josh Moniz & Moana Jones

Age: Josh 16; Moana 13
Hometown: Josh-Honolulu, Hi; Moana-Haleiwa, Hi
School: Josh-CEI 11th grade; Moana-A Beka Academy 7th grade
Sponsors: Josh-Billabong, HIC, Dakine, Vertra; Moana-Billabong, Northshore Surf Shop, Up & Riding
Claim to Fame: Josh: Blew up at the NSSA Sunset event in pumping 4-8 foot surf taking wins in Open Mens & Explorer Juniors. Fave thing about the Sunset contest:"You get to compete at Sunset with only a few guys out." Fave surfers: Andy Irons & Jordy Smith. Goal for the year: Win Nationals! Moana: Ripped her homebreak with wins in Explorer Womens & Girls. Fave thing about Sunset:"It's a really long right and I live there!" Fave surfers: John John & Gabriel Medina. Goal for the year: Do good in NSSA & Pro Jrs.

Surfer of the Week - 10/8/2012

Griffin Colapinto

Age: 14
Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: California Virtual Academy-8th grade
Sponsors: Billabong, DC, Von Zipper, Sex Wax, Daphnes, Jacks Surf Shop, Lost Surfboards, Creatures of Leisure
Claim to Fame: Griffin pulled off the move of the year in the Explorer Juniors final at HB's 9th St. launching a massive aerial rotation on a steep set right, earning a perfect 10 for the single maneuver! He was on a tear in the final ripping another excellent 9.2 ride, posting a near perfect 19.2 heat total. Griffin's fave thing about 9th St:"When the reforms are good, there are fun wedges and air sections." Fave surfer: Julian Wilson. Local spot: Lowers. Goal for the year: Win a season title & the Nationals.

Surfer of the Week - 10/1/2012

Dax McGill

Age: 14
Hometown: Pupukea, North Shore, Oahu
School: Hawaii Tech Academy-9th grade
Sponsors: Volcom, Nike, T&C Surf, Electric, Vestal watches, Sector 9, Creatures of Leisure.
Claim to Fame: Dax took double wins in the Open Womens & Girls at the NSSA Hawaii Lahaina Harbor event. The reigning National Open Womens Champion who already owns 3 career National titles, also made both Explorer finals. Fave thing about Lahaina:"I love the wave at Lahaina. Maui is such a beautiful place and this contest has always been one of my favorite events. It's a left and right and there is always fun sections." Fave surfers: Julian Wilson & Carissa Moore. Goal for the year: To progress and have fun!

Surfer of the Week - 9/24/2012

Dillon Brown

Age: 16
Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina
School: Coastal Christian High School; 11th grade
Sponsors: SOD Surfboards, Sweetwater Surf Shop, Chick-fil-A at Oleander
Claim to Fame: Dillon placed 3rd in the Explorer Mens final at the Wrightsville Beach Mid Atlantic opener but his display of true sportsmanship is what earned him Surfer of the Week honors. Dillon supported and encouraged contest officials, parents and competitors throughout the event. He also excels in school with a 3.9 GPA! His fave thing about Wrightsville Beach:"It's not that big and everyoneís usually stoked to go surfing." Fave surfer: Dane Reynolds. Goal for the year: Make a final at the NSSA Easterns!

Surfer of the Week - 9/17/2012

Eithan Osborne & Logan Rauhut

Age: Eithan 12; Logan 17
Hometown: Eithan-Ventura, Ca; Logan-Oxnard, Ca
School: Eithan-Cabrillo Middle School 7th grade; Logan-El Camino High School 12th grade
Sponsors: Eithan-Billabong, Roberts, Spy, Sex Wax, Scosche, Pro Life, Olas, Sector 9; Logan-Reef, West Wetsuits, Momentum Ride Shop, Scosche, Olas, Roberts Surfboards
Claim to Fame: Eithan: Took both Menehuene victories and scored a perfect 10 at the Ventura Gold Coast at South Jetty. He is undefeated in the Menehuenes. Fave thing about South Jetty:"You can fit 20 turns on a wave!" Fave surfer: Dane Reynolds. Goal for the year: Win a National title! Logan: Claimed his first NSSA victory in the Juniors at GC event 4 after 6 years of competing. Fave thing about South Jetty:"Long lefts & air sections!" Fave surfer: Timmy Curran. Goal for the year: Surf alot and have fun!

Surfer of the Week - 9/10/2012

Kevin Schulz & Moana Jones

Age: Kevin 17; Moana 13
Hometown: Kevin-San Clemente, Ca; Moana-Haleiwa, Hi
School: Kevin-San Clemente High School 12th grade; Moana-Abeka Academy 7th grade
Sponsors: Kevin-Xcel, Skullcandy, Smith Optics, On a Mission, Kustom, Move or Die Surfboards, Republic of California Surf Shop, Grombomb; Moana-Billabong, North Shore Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: Kevin: Took his first ever NSSA win with a big 1st place finish in the elite Open Mens division at the HB Open. His fave thing about HB Pier is:"There's always some sort of ridable wave!" Fave surfer: Mick Fanning. Goal for the year: Finish top 5 in the SW Open Mens. Moana: Dominated the HB Open with double wins in the Womens & Girls. Her fave thing about HB Pier is:"It's a really fun wave, especially when you get a good reform!" Fave surfer: Gabriel Medina. Goal for the year: Win a Pro Junior.

Surfer of the Week - 9/3/2012

Nolan Rapoza

Age: 14
Hometown: Long Beach, California
School: CompuHigh High School-9th grade
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Moskova, Sex Wax, Reef, Roberts, Katin, Grombomb
Claim to Fame: Nolan made 3 finals at the Gold Coast doubleheader at C Street, Ventura on Sept. 1-2. He claimed both wins in the Boys division and took 5th in the Juniors in event #1. He earned the high scoring wave (9.0) and top combined score (18.5) of event. He also owned the best barrel ride of the comp! His favorite thing about C Street is:"The glassy early morning conditions and the hollow lefts." His favorite surfer is John John. His goal for this year:"Win Nationals in the Open Juniors & Explorer Boys.

Surfer of the Week - 8/27/2012

Nick Marshall & Malia Osterkamp

Age: Nick: 11; Malia: 14
Hometown: Nick: Encinitas, Ca; Malia: San Clemente, Ca
School: Nick: Halstrom 6th grade; Malia: San Clemente High School 9th grade
Sponsors: Nick: Hurley, Nike, Sex Wax, Dragon; Malia: Bubble Gum, Ding Dr.X, Board and Brew, Cordell Surfboards
Claim to Fame: Nick: Made 4 finals at the SW Explorer at HB Pier. He won the Menehuene in event 2 and placed 2nd in the Boys final. His fave thing about HB Pier is:"It's consistent!" His goal for this year is to win Nationals in the Menehuene & Open Boys. Malia: Placed in 4 finals and claimed 3 wins in the HB Explorer. She won both Womens finals and took 1st in the Girls in event #2. Her fave thing about HB Pier is:"The pier bowl is fun and I like riding the reforms." Her goal is to win Regionals & Nationals!

Surfer of the Week - 7/21/2012

Dryden Brown

Age: 16
Hometown: Santa Barbara, Ca
School: Laurel Springs/Stanford; 4.75 GPA
Sponsors: A-Frame Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: Surfing is not the only important thing in Dryden's life. His academic record was nothing short of superb for the 11-12 year earning the Surfer Scholar of the Year Award with a stellar 4.75 GPA. His hard work ethic also extends into the surf where he competes in Southwest, Northwest and Gold Coast events winning the GC Conference Mens title. "I balance studying and surfing by surfing when the waves are good and studying when it's flat." His plan is to study engineering & become an entrepreneur!

Surfer of the Week - 6/19/2012

Dayton Silva

Age: 20
Hometown: La Jolla, California
School: Mira Costa College-Sophomore 3.49 GPA
Sponsors: Body Glove, Electric, Globe
Claim to Fame: Dayton charged out of the gates at the National College Championships with a lights out surfing display in the College Men's final. The Mira Costa College sophomore took command of the heat posting big scores of 9.20 and 7.83 en route to his first National title while also helping lead his team to its second straight National Championship victory. Dayton's stellar winning performance earned him the prestigious Chuck Allen Trophy and a big reputation in college surfing.

Surfer of the Week - 5/31/2012

Chris O'Donnell

Age: 14
Hometown: Fort Pierce, Florida
School: Lincoln Park Academy-8th grade: 4.0 GPA
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Cronin Surfboards and Surf Central Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: The SE Conference got an early start to the 12/13 season with a doubleheader at Ponce de Leon Landing and Chris wasted no time stamping his authority on the new year. He crushed the event #1 Open Juniors final posting the high score of the contest-a near perfect 9.17. The next day, Chris pulled out all the stops taking his second straight win in the Juniors. Besides proving himself as one of the east coast's top up-and-comers, Chris also excels in school and is fluent in both English & Spanish!

Surfer of the Week - 5/22/2012

Hiroto Oohara

Age: 15
Hometown: Chiba, Japan
School: Meisei High School-9th grade
Sponsors: Hurley, Nike, Oakley, Justice Surfboards, Surfing Style, HLNA, Barce Surf, Radix Surf, Gorilla Grip, FCS, Peace Wave
Claim to Fame: Hiroto cemented his status as one of the top young surfers winning the premier Open Men's division at the West Coast Championships. Hiroto put on a clinic in HB's peaky beachbreak reforms connecting the dots with speed, power and flow. He schooled the final in tricky, wind-swept wedges with outstanding wave scores of 8.37 and 7.67.

Surfer of the Week - 4/17/2012

Corey Howell

Age: 16
Hometown: Melbourne Beach, Florida
School: Melbourne Beach High School
Sponsors: Rusty, Smith, Globe, X-Trak, DNA, Nixon, Ron Jon Surf Shop
Claim to Fame: Corey put forth what had to be his best ever competitive performance at the 2012 East Coast Regional Championships. With inspired surfing and pushing the envelope in challenging New Smyrna conditions, Corey went bananas on finals day walking away with four Regional titles in the premier Open Mens, Explorer Mens, High School Mens and the Airshow. After making a huge presence at this major event, Corey will clearly have tons of momentum as he sets his sites on the gold at the upcoming Nationals!

Surfer of the Week - 3/28/2012

Tommy McKeown

Age: 10
Hometown: Oxnard, California
School: Thurgood Marshall Elementary; 4th grade
Sponsors: Hurley, Neff, Pro Lite, Roberts Surfboards, Scosche
Claim to Fame: Tommy enjoyed a terrific 2011/12 Gold Coast season sealing double conference titles in the Menehuene & Super Grom divisions. At the season finale at Pismo Pier, he brought on his big wave game charging the bombing overhead sets taking the win in the Super Groms. The bigger waves, the better for this 10-year-old charger who said the Pismo contest was his favorite of the season. "My dad got me into surfing bigger waves so I like it when the waves are good size for a contest. It's so fun!"

Surfer of the Week - 3/19/2012

Finnegan Thunder McGill

Age: 11
Hometown: Sunset Beach, Hawaii
School: Sunset Beach Elementary
Sponsors: Volcom, Nike, Electric, Futures, Creatures of Leisure, T&C Surfboards, Watermans Sunscreen
Claim to Fame: Finn kicked off an amazing start to his 2012 NSSA Championship campaign sweeping the 12 & under divisions at the Hawaii Regional Championships at Kewalos. Hawaii's hot grom standout took double wins in the Explorer Menehuene and the mega talented Open Boys divisions. It was clear Finn had a bright future when we watched him shred HB Pier last summer claiming his first National title in the Super Groms. He will now have his eyes set on adding a couple more Nationals victories to his title count!

Surfer of the Week - 3/6/2012

Kaito Kino

Age: 17
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
School: Kalani High School
Sponsors: Brice Surfboards, Oakley, World Force wetsuits, Freak, Unknown, Transporter, Skull Candy
Claim to Fame: What an excellent season Kaito put together in 2011-12! The Honolulu native has been on fire putting up huge victory numbers and sweeping 3 conference crowns in Open Mens, Explorer Mens & Explorer Juniors. His next mission will be to add more titles to his resume at the upcoming Hawaii Regionals at Kewalos which is right smack in his home turf. With the rock solid year Kaito enjoyed, it is evident he has cemeted his status as one of the top contenders for a National title this coming summer!

Surfer of the Week - 2/27/2012

Jake Davis

Age: 15
Hometown: Capo Beach, California
School: Capistrano Academy-9th grade: 3.5 GPA
Sponsors: O'Neill, Sex Wax, Versagrip, Filtrate, Daphnes, Roberts Surfboards, Power Balance, Carver Skateboards.
Claim to Fame: Jake Davis had a big weekend at the Ventura Open at C Street Pipe. The solid 4-6 foot surf was right up the powerful regular-footer's alley as he maximized C Street's point-break style steep, open faced rights linking together potent turns, carves and aerials. Jake broke out of his winless season, claiming his first victory of the year in the Juniors while also ripping to an impressive second place finish in the Mens!