NSSA - NSSA LAUNCHES NEW LOGO FOR 30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Bobby Martinez symbolizes our new look!
NSSA - National Scholastic Surfing Association

The National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage and assist its members in their interest to learn and develop the fundamentals and skills of surfing competition while competing in structured and quality events. The NSSA promotes the qualities of discipline and competitive excellence while supporting the merits of academic achievement to young surfers. The NSSA strives to provide a fun surfing experience for all of its members.

The NSSA is one of the few national youth sports organizations that require its participants to maintain academic standards in order to compete. Since 1978, the NSSA program philosophy has been that athletics and scholastics go hand in hand. More than 80 NSSA events are run nationwide that culminate with the annual National Championships which is regarded as the highest profile youth surfing event in America.

NSSA LAUNCHES NEW LOGO FOR 30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Bobby Martinez symbolizes our new look!


August 6, 2007

For Immediate Release

(Huntington Beach, Ca)  The NSSA unveiled a new corporate logo today as the organization enters its 30th year of operation. 

The revitalized logo designed by EAG, uses the image of seven-time National Champion Bobby Martinez as its centerpiece.  The likeness was inspired from SURFING MAGAZINE staffer Jeff Flindt’s image of Martinez going straight up at Rincon.  His trademark radical backside off the lip is instantly recognizable in the new design.  Martinez was chosen as the new image by a majority vote of the NSSA membership. 

The new logo is reflective of the forward progression of youth surfing which the NSSA promotes and nurtures.  One of the NSSA’s primary goals has always been about producing young champions and developing the future.  NSSA Executive Director Janice Aragon believes the new logo conveys this vision.  “Bobby is the most successful male surfer in NSSA history,” said Aragon.  “His incredible talent, his amateur and professional accomplishments and his love for surfing have been an inspiration to young surfers around the world.  Our members made a great choice.” 

Martinez competed in the NSSA for eight years (1991-1999) amassing multiple conference, regional and National titles and credits the organization for his competitive foundation.  "Growing up surfing in Santa Barbara, competing up and down the coast in the NSSA, I never in a million years would have thought that my likeness would someday appear as the logo,” Martinez said.  “The NSSA was my home for so many years.  You learn how to surf against so many other people in heats, you learn how to be on time, and you learn discipline.  The NSSA and the experience you gain from it is such a huge part of the next step.”  Martinez added, “I would like to thank everyone who voted for me, and I would especially like to thank both Janice and Gayline for their continued support and never giving up on me throughout all these years."

Bobby’s dad, Bob Sr. traveled up and down the coast to hundreds of NSSA events with Bobby during his amateur years.  “The NSSA to Bobby was a blessing in disguise,”  Bob Sr. said.  “Little did he know that having the opportunity of the NSSA available to him would provide him with a future of living a life of doing what he loves to do, surf.  Having the logo in his name is an honor with the hope that it will serve as a message to all kids to believe in themselves and have faith that dreams can come true if they don't give up.  Thank you to all of the NSSA directors for your hard work and dedication for providing the joy and happiness you have given to so many kids and putting a smile on their face.  That is something money can't buy.”

The new logo will symbolize the beginning of the NSSA’s 30 year anniversary campaign.  “We are in the planning stages of many fun and interesting things to commemorate the occasion,” Aragon added.  “For 30 years, this organization has provided student surfers the ability to compete at every level from the novice to the highly advanced.  By encouraging young surfers to achieve their highest level along with offering top quality competitive events, the NSSA is unsurpassed at cultivating world class surfers.  We intend to highlight our rich 30 year heritage throughout the year through the media, website and the 30 year anniversary program which will be produced by Surfing Magazine in spring 2008.” 

Chronology of the NSSA logo:

In the past 30 years, three surfers have been silhouetted in the organization’s official logo.

1978-1997: Australian surf legend Mark Warren   

1997-2007: Two-time National Champion and 2001 ASP World Champion CJ Hobgood

2007: Seven-time National Champion and 2006 ASP Rookie of the Year Bobby Martinez



Janice Aragon

NSSA National Office

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